About Prep

PREP is a shortened, colloquial version of the word “preparation”.

 We believe that this is the most important part of any public relations, event or promotions stunt.

Everything lies in the preparation.

 That is why we, at PREP, make sure that our preparations are topnotch. Our lead coordinators have years of experience in corporate event planning, wedding planning, event coordination, marketing, advertising, and public relations. That said, our concept house is packed to the rafters. This gives us an ultimate edge in terms of versatility.

 Under our belts is a huge database of relevant service providers in the industry. Graphic design artists, performers, caterers, handcrafters, printers, photographers, emcees/ hosts, deejays, equipment suppliers, car rentals, etc. You name it, we got it! Moreover, our media, research, and publications network are fully reliable.


Meet the people behind Prep
Karla Singson

Karla Singson

CEO & Owner of Prep

Karla Singson, is a hyper active twenty-something Davao Event Coordinator who gets out of bed for Marketing and PR Consultancy, events management, and chocolate. On the side, she also writes, hosts events, accommodates speaking engagements, and manages an online-based flower shop. That’s what she does for a living.
Kharisse Cubelo

Kharisse Cubelo

Operations Manager, PREP

Kharisse Cubelo is a graduate of BA Communication Arts, Major in Media Arts, from the University of the Philippines-Mindanao.

She started her stint in PR, Marketing, and Advertising as an Account Manager for a multi-national marketing communications and advertising agency, handling PR, Marketing, and Advertising needs for their clients. She eventually worked as the Marketing Associate for MARTISH, the sub-distributor of Havaianas in the South East Mindanao, before she worked for PREP.

Justine Gian

Justine Gian

Marketing and PR Supervisor, PREP

Justine Kate Gian is the Marketing and PR Supervior of PREP, with experiences in media, trade marketing, and corporate activations.

After she graduated in University of the Philippines Mindanao with a degree in Communication Arts, she started working as a Segment Producer in ABS-CBN Davao. As a Segment Producer in ABS-CBN Davao, she produced lifetyle and investigative segments for the two main programs of the station: the daily local morning show, Maayong Buntag Mindanao and a public service program every Saturday, Barangay Patrol.

Previous clients served

“PREP is very easy to work with. They make work fun and exciting. I love working with PREP – there’s no hassle in any way – they ask you for what you want and execute without a sweat. Thank you for making work-life easier, PREP!”

Alexene, AirAsia

“PREP gets the job done!”

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