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TRUE AIRE x GDY AIRTECH Team Building 2018

PREP has handled team building projects for almost a decade. And for each one–whether it’s a small corporate team, a big multinational giant, or a mid-sized government department, we could always see which teams have super strong leadership, and one that will pull through the hard times. 

These teams are efficient, communicative, and cheerful. And it’s not an accident that this could be based on a few criteria. 

In this special blog entry, we share insights from Melvin Soh, a reputable team trainer in Singapore. 

Melvin Soh

I’ve trained kids, parents, teachers, adults, entrepreneurs AND their teams since 2008 in 8 countries – from Singapore all the way to Hawaii and Stanford in the States.

I’ve had first-hand experience observing what makes a winning team.

And for the first time, I will reveal it here.

Let’s get something straight …

The art of winning is the same across whatever game you play.

Volleyball … frisbee … the insane maze game Bill and I invented … or the game of business.

Here are the rules…

1. If there is no clear leader … the team will lose.

2. If the leader is incompetent … the team will lose.

3. If there is a leader but the strategy sucks … the team will lose.

4. If the team is made up of incompetent individuals with no desire to win … the team will lose.

5. If the team has a good leader, a wicked strategy, solid people – but they can’t execute … the team will lose.

Winning only happens when you have a good leader –> a good strategy –> good people –> and a fierce ability to execute.

When all 4 align – the team emerges victorious.

When any fail, the team loses.

And this is why winning is hard.

No one accidentally wins.

Winning is always deliberate.

I seen it in 8 year olds at Supercamp … adults in business workshops … entrepreneurs in retreats and more.

These are the 4 pieces.

You can call it different names … but it always – in my experience – comes back to the same 4 things.”With these in mind, if you are a business owner, you know well how leadership plays a huge role not just during team building events, but most importantly, in the day-to-day operations. 

Want to see what your leaders are made of? 

Book a team building event with a professional planner. 🙂 


PREP has served over a hundred corporate clients –from homegrown brands to multinational corporations– for corporate events, parties, and team building events. 

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National Irrigation Administration Region 11 Team Building Activity 2018
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SUNTRUST FALCONS Team Building Activity 2017

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