This is not your typical marketing event.

This is an Opposed Media event—host of the famous Project Persuasion Asia (Thailand), Tacos and Traffic (San Diego), #30kIn30Days (Vancouver), Project Positioning (Bali), among others.

Save the date:
May 4-5, 2019 | 9AM TO 4PM
Planet Hollywood
Las Vegas, Nevada, USA


Eiffel Tower, PAris


From Mitch Miller, the event host:
🤟That’s why we did 16 events in 2018 promoted and filled from my ORGANIC POSTS ON ONE PLATFORM.
🤟That’s why 75 people flew across the world to come to my house to learn from me last month
🤟That’s why 24% of my entire audience has given me money to help them
🤟We have hundreds of reviews and testimonials from people who credit us as CHANGING THEIR ENTIRE LIFE
🤟Multiple people have stated on record that I have saved their life, literally… from suicide.
🤟I’ve helped many people go from BROKE… to 100k months.

I’ve also helped many rich people get more rich.

🤟I’ve crafted words on paper that brought in an ADDITIONAL 1.64 million dollars a month for people
🤟$201,000 in 3 hours, $30,000 in 4 minutes, and on and on.
🤟Just yesterday one dude told me he made $997 in 43 minutes, then $4,000 later that day from ONE simple Facebook post he copied from me (Want to see it? I’ll show you).
🤟One dude doubles his business every time he comes to an event and is afraid to come to events for this reason!

I could jerk my own Jimmy Johnson forever, and of course some people don’t do shit to change their situation… but the point is this:

When I teach and coach, you get results. That’s what its all about…. YOU, not me.

I don’t have the biggest audience in the world but its made up of the RIGHT people. I won’t sell my soul for the dollar or to appease pussies.




Opposed Media Presents:

A weekend of dangerously effective storytelling, copywriting, positioning, and selling strategies that can put millions in your pocket

This will be a unique seminar experience for nonconformist entrepreneurs who are done playing it safe on social media.




In a world of 2 minute insta influencers and pretend know it all’s, it’s crucial you learn from people who are like you, who know what the fuck they are talking about and have a solid track record to back it up. That’s why for this event, Mitch Miller teamed up with two of the smartest people in new media marketing…



Bobby runs a solid team of 25+ with over 100 agency clients and 602 consulting clients he generates millions of dollars in revenue per month for.

He was a former chef, crackhead, and penny stock investor who clawed his way out of a bad life and into business success. He is celebrating 11 years of sobriety. He enjoys deep sea fishing, cigars, and grilled steaks bigger than my ego.

Bobby will be giving you strategies *tested and working right NOW* that you can implement to separate yourself from the competition and scale your business fast.

He will peel back the curtain on his businesses and show you actual numbers, data, campaigns, and industry secrets. What he will cover can apply to any and all industries.

Bobby is currently halfway through a grueling US tour visiting his profitable clients, making a documentary of their successes, and setting up speaking engagements and meetups.



Perry is an SEO expert, business marketing consultant, investor, importer, copywriter, Internet entrepreneur and Co Owner of Digital Marketer, War Room Mastermind, Print And Fill, Plattr Agency, and Rival Media group to name a few.

Perry has countless examples of successful online businesses, which he casually refers to as his “portfolio companies” – too many to list.

he’s a master copywriter for whom countless high-level marketing execs literally swoon. When he speaks at conventions, the audience burns up notepads with a passion usually reserved for teenage girls at a Bieber concert.

When you get to know Perry, you get to know (what most of us who’ve been lucky enough to be in his inner circle merely refer to as) “The Stories.”

He has one for everything: from front row histories of new media to profound tales of innovation. From brilliant successes and, yes, even utter, cataclysmic failures. Hunkering down for a Perry tale is like stumbling into the living room on Christmas morning

(Wait…you co-invented hand sanitizer????).

He is the author of 12 books, and listens to Johnny Cash and Merle Haggard while showering.

Perry will be teaching his newest discoveries and secrets of killer storytelling so you can make better content, better marketer, and charismatic person. This is a chance to learn from the best – he does not speak on this often and I am offering you a real treat here.

You WILL make more money after taking notes on his presentation, this is worth the price of admission alone.


FATHER FREEDOM aka Mitch Miller aka Your Mom’s crush

Oh hi. For those of you who don’t know – I dropped out of high school to start a heavy metal band in 1999. Within one year, we became one of the most popular metal bands in the city. We put on and marketed our own shows, I’m no stranger to events.

By the age of 21, we began to see some serious success, touring Canada and our songs on the radio. When the band imploded and fell apart, I got lost and began partying way too much. I ended up having a heart attack (don’t ask what I was doing at the time, just know it may have involved multiple women).

After that wake up call, I decided to be an entrepreneur. It took me many years of study and experimentation before I found success – I even found myself homeless in 2008. Finally, after 12 years of grinding, I found success in a few different businesses, one being a landscaping company.

I’ll do anything to master marketing and human behavior: I’ve been to North Korea, been held at gunpoint, and even traveled to 53 locations in 2018 in order to see the world and push myself to visit my audience around the world. I’ve posted organic content on social media daily for 5 years. Everything we have up until now has been from product quality and word of mouth.

Now, our company Opposed Media is quickly becoming one of the most well known brands in the marketing space and we’ve barely got started.

I’ll be teaching you my Illuminati Marketing System: My secrets of positioning, content creation, and creative marketing. I have formulas, pyramids, and step by step strategies I’ll give you – done for you…. Virtually copy and paste. I’ll give you my entire playbook.

Want to make more money this year than the last 10 years combined? Allow me to help you do that.


🤯 Two days of mind blowing talks, activities, and experiences – this is not your average seminar 🤯

We have a real family and movement growing here and you are in on the ground floor. We are the black sheep… the rebels… the most dangerous group of people on the planet! Because we think differently do we not?

And they are afraid.

That’s why they hate.

The masses hate that which is different from them. Let them hate… while we dominate.

Want to DOMINATE social media? Want to kick the fuck out of your competitors for fun? Want to be a SAVAGE marketer who is unstoppable?

Then learn from the best… in person… surrounded by your family… people who will become your best partners, vendors, and friends.

💄Bring your wife – if she won’t come, label her Macaully Culkin and leave her home alone. (but if you can’t make her come, you may have bigger problems than your marketing)

💪Bring your husband – if he won’t come, leave him at home and hook up with one of the attendees in the washroom. That’ll teach him to not believe in your dreams.


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