Davao City continues to flourish. Last year, it posted a landmark twin-digit economic growth figure of 10.9%, the highest in the Mindanao region’s history. The urban hub’s services industry increased by 7.3% with the events organizing sector contributing to this growth. This is one reason why many resourceful entrepreneurs have ventured into the corporate event management business. Nowadays, locals don’t have to worry about finding the best event coordinator in Davao.

Tips for Experiencing the Best Corporate Event

People taking notesHuman Resources staff of different companies can get valuable advice from the best Davao event planner on how to organize employee social gatherings and conventions. Meeting requirements and setting expectations of corporate organizations will not come easy considering the prominence of a business or company activity.

As the best Davao event coordinator, your initial challenge is to identify the overall goals of the occasion. Additional tasks include the following:

  • Distinguishing the target markets and audiences you want to attract.
  • Deciding on an ideal event
  • Coordinating with various vendors and suppliers.
  • Planning all the details from the smallest to the biggest in coming up with a successful activity.


The best event coordinator in Davao should also make sure the corporate function has plenty of exposure in social media sites as well as traditional media outlets to build up the desired hype in industry circles. Factors that influence the outcome of a corporate gathering include a superb venue, accessibility, excellent food and catering, and entertainment facilities.


To discuss further the details of holding an awesome corporate event, here are additional pointers from the best Davao event planner:


Set Realistic Targets for Events

The best event coordinator in Davao spends time in planning for the entire event by looking at each aspect thoroughly. A competent organizer must determine the purpose of stagig the event.

  • Is it meant to honor outstanding employees?
  • Will the company launch a new merchandise or service?
  • Is the management reaching out to investors or possible business partners?

Determine the objectives of the activity before identifying and working on the details. Company officers must collaborate closely with the best Davao event planner on this matter.


Spending Budget

Decide on the budget early on. An event manager works with other stakeholders. There are numerous requirements as well as merchants to deal with. Come up with a financial plan with the corresponding funding to keep expenses within limits. This approach helps prevent overspending and keeping expenditures in the proper perspective. It can even mean saving a little when everything is over. This will depend on the capacity of the best event coordinator in Davao in handling the project.


Employ a Proficient Support Team

Even the best Davao event planner will find it difficult to plan and carry out a corporate function singlehandedly. Even the most capable organizer requires some assistance in the process. The support team refers to technical crew, utility persons, catering provider, entertainment staff, and program hosts. Of course, it is the planner’s prerogative to bring in his or her team for this undertaking.


black chalk boardCreate Excitement for the Event

The best event coordinator in Davao knows the importance of publicity for a major corporate meeting or program. It entails making noise ahead of the schedule. Formulate a social media marketing campaign backed by research. Social media is crucial during the pre-event engagement, engaging participants, capturing feedback/comments, and creating interaction.


Use the following outlets for awesome results:people sitting down near table with assorted laptop computers

  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Snapchat
  • Pinterest


The innovative and best Davao event coordinator is aware if the corporate event will turn out a flop if attendance is poor. Aside from social media and conventional outlets, initiate enthusiasm by sending creative newsletters to employees, clients, and suppliers. Reach out to consumers if the event is open to the public.


Remain Upbeat

Event organizers must keep an open mind and stay optimistic about the project’s turnout. Expect the whole day or evening to be frantic. Everyone is going to be frenzied to the point of freaking out. The best event coordinator in Davao will remain composed and see to it that everything proceeds smoothly until the very end. A positive attitude helps the guy in charge to cope with problems at any point with poise.


fountain pen next to red Thank You journalPost-Event

Follow-up after the event is mandatory. It is an effective way of strengthening the connection with clients (the company for this matter) and potential customers (guests who attended the event). The best Davao event coordinator will take time to send a simple but memorable Thank You note or email to everyone who attended the activity. This strategy will generate extra interest for upcoming announcements or news.


Final Advice

Corporate functions are not easy to implement especially in busy cities like Metro Davao. The bottom line is to select the best event coordinator in Davao with a very impressive portfolio and experience capable of promoting the company as one of the burgeoning enterprises in this equally thriving metropolis.

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