(photo from 3wmag.com)

(photo from 3wmag.com)

Do you have an upcoming Christmas Party and you’re still thinking if you should hire a professional to manage it? Well, we’re pretty sure you know things are easier if you just do that. Here in Davao, there are several event coordinators that can help you with making your event as fun, as cost-efficient and as unique as possible. Check out some pretty sweet benefits of hiring a professional event coordinator before you decide.

Make Your Program Better

If you have been doing the same thing for years, this year might be the best to incorporate funner and newer ideas. Professional event organizers do research, have done several events in the past, and most of all, they know how successful something will be based on their experience. New games? No problem. Brand- related fun activities? Done. A new tribute concept? Bring it on!

So if you want fresh ideas to make your program better and delight your employees/ coworkers, hiring a pro is the best way to go.

Be a Guest in Your Own Event

Do you ever think of the possibility of feeling so much more fun, and a huge load of peace of mind while you’re at your event? How about some extra lead time for prepping your own hair and makeup, outfit or your appetite because you don’t have to do the last minute prep stuff? IMAGINE THAT! If you want to turn this dream into a reality, to hire a professional event coordinator might be the answer to your problem. They will take care of all your needs, can anticipate problems, and even if last-minute problems come up, they are generally better at troubleshooting too!

Manage Your Finances More Efficiently

One of the most time-consuming and intense part of party planning is managing finances. If you have a limited budget but you want to make a couple of things possible for your event, a pro party planner can help you decide which ones to cut down on, which items should not be your priority, can negotiate discounts in your behalf, has a wide network of suppliers and most of all, will have your best financial interest in mind.

Be Represented Properly to Suppliers

Instead of going to 10 – 30 different meetings for 10 – 30 different suppliers, negotiate with them, settle payments in different check disbursements, monitor balances, contracts, etc., your event organizer can actually do this in your behalf.  What they need from your  end is just your budget, your priorities and most of all your approval. Have a pro preside your meetings, hold lesser meetings, and give off a more professional vibe to your other suppliers. Your event coordinator can also consolidate expenses and bill you with one bill instead of you releasing different payments.

See the benefits already? That’s truly a HUGE LOAD OFF YOUR SHOULDERS, isn’t it? If there’s a time when you should be feeling more pampered and festive, this is it! Don’t stress yourself out by doing all the planning. So if you’re having an event in Davao soon—whether it’s a Christmas party or not— don’t forget to hire a professional event coordinator to manage your event for you.

PREP has been in the business for years, and we have dealt with more than a hundred national and international companies.  Inquire now by emailing us with the details of your event—prepdavao@gmail.com. You won’t regret it! This DAVAO EVENT COORDINATOR is excited to work with you soon! 🙂



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