On September 12, PREP, a professional event coordinator, welcomed another big name to their portfolio— Red Doorz!

Red Doorz is a budget hotel and accommodations booking platform for business and tourist destinations in Southeast Asia. They recently raised $11M to fund expansion projects all over the region!

With their main office located in Manila, they needed to get a professional event coordinator to help them with their event branding for two (2) events in two (2) different locations within one day! It was important for them to make sure that the event branding was spot on–which is why they decided to hire PREP, to help them with the fabrication, delivery, and installation of the items that they needed for a successful launch in Davao City.

Red Doorz, with the help of a local event coordinator in Davao, PREP, was able to have their branding materials delivered on time, transported again and re-installed at the second venue within the same day, in spite of the bad weather.

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